Fengdu Novel Launches Its First Writing Contest to Promote Growth of Fantasy Authors

SHANGHAI, March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) ("CooTek" or the "Company"), a fast-growing global mobile internet company, today announced to launch the first "Fengdu Cup" Fantasy Literature Writing Contest by Fengdu Novel, CooTek's reading platform for free and original online literature, calling on online literature writers across China to actively create excellent works.

The contest opens submission from March 1 to August 31, 2021, and mainly collect works themed around the metaphysical fantasy genre. The goal is to select top-quality online literary content and potential writers and provide them with high-traffic premium platform to present their talent. The most outstanding works of this contest will not only win access to Fengdu Novel's traffic but also opportunities to further nurture the IP content.

As a reading platform of free and original online literature, Fengdu Novel has been committed to incubating original works and cultivating content ecology. With its core technology of algorithm + portrait and diverse policies of support, Fengdu Novel has established a unique creator ecology. As of the third quarter of 2020, Fengdu Novel is one of the top three free reading apps and has over 10 million DAUs, with readers' average daily reading time exceeding 130 minutes. Nearly 3,000 contracted writers are available on Fengdu to continuously come up with high-quality online literature of different types for its readers.

The contest is designed to select original medium- and long-length fantasy novels that are cheerful, positive, full of energy, and with the elements of immortal and martial arts. Potential themes include becoming immortals, martial-arts-worship, oriental fantasy and reiki recovery, etc.

One Sword Fairy Award, two Martial King Awards and five Grand Master Awards are set up to encourage writer participation. Various resources and benefits will be offered to the winning works, including cash prizes, promotion on Fengdu Novel app, access to many of the app's resources, omnichannel recommendations, prioritized consideration to IP incubation, adaptation to video playlets, and copyright promotions (including but not limited to radio dramas, publication, film and television, games, etc.). The winners will be announced within 15 working days after the review phase, which starts on September 1 and ends on September 15, 2021.

Online literature, as an important IP source for the greater entertainment industry, has provided a vast amount of high-quality content for different fields such as animation, film and television, and games. The literary contest this time has well reflected the original aspiration of Fengdu Novel to promote traditional Chinese culture and cultivate authors of original works. Fengdu Novel always regards itself as the model among various online literature platforms and hopes to set a good example, highlighting its responsibility to give more chances to creative and outstanding original literary contents. The goal is to ensure that users have access to more high-quality works and that the IPs of those original contents can be seen by more people and have a more significant impact.

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