Fengdu Novel Launches Online Community to Engage Readers and Writers

SHANGHAI, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fengdu Novel, an online literature mobile app developed by CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) ("CooTek" or the "Company"), has launched a new online community for book lovers, in which readers can comment on novels and authors can get instant feedback on their works. This new community will boost authors' creativity and readers' engagement, and further create momentum to the development of Fengdu Novel's content ecology.

In terms of the specific features, Fengdu Novel's readers can express their views in a variety of ways, such as book reviews, chapter reviews, and independent posts. Gold coins and VIP memberships are given to users who write witty and popular reviews as incentives. The most-liked comments are placed on the top of the section and will be highly rewarded. Since its launch, the community has been widely popular with the users and achieved a penetration rate of nearly 80%. Retention rate and reading time of users engaged in comments have been higher than that of general readers. As readers become more active in sharing comments, more contract writers are joining the community to interact with their fans.

For content operation, Fengdu Novel aims to build a harmonious atmosphere for the community. In addition to algorithmic screening, the platform selects quality comments by its operating team as well. The combined content screening mechanism helps create a joyful environment for interaction in the community.

Building a high-quality content ecology has been the primary goal of Fengdu Novel. Since the beginning of the year, Fengdu has further improved its novel quality and reader engagement by hosting a series of creative events, including contests, new writer support programs, and new media content incubations. The new opening of the online community enhanced the emotional bond between readers and authors' book works. This contributes not only to the content creation process, but also to the achievement of CooTek's vision - to build a pan-entertainment ecology. In 21Q2, Fengdu Novel increased its investment in content ecology, and the number of authors and original works reached new highs. In June 2021, the average daily reading time of Fengdu Novel's users was 153 minutes, showing a steady growth compared to 148 minutes in March 2021.

Fengdu Novel continues to optimize its online community. It will launch a new feature of trending novels by September this year for readers to have an instant overview of the hottest works on the platform, which will also provide useful data on evaluating the commercial value of the novels. Fengdu Forum, designed to foster more focused and lively discussions, is planning to go live soon. Later in the year, Fengdu Novel will add more new features, such as author reward and level-based reader system, providing the content creators with more material incentives and readers with more interactive ways to support their beloved writers. These new additions will encourage writers on content creation, improve user traffic and income, and help Fengdu Novel enhance its content ecology and profitability.

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