CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”) is a fast-growing mobile internet company with a global vision, offering mobile applications including a portfolio of content-rich mobile applications, TouchPal Phone book and TouchPal Smart Input. Company’s mission is to empower everyone to enjoy relevant content seamlessly. Sophisticated big data analytics and data driven user insight are the backbone of CooTek’s business.

Building upon user insights initially accumulated through TouchPal Smart Input, an intelligent input method for mobile devices, Company has formulated a systematic approach to growing a global product portfolio, through which Company delivers relevant content, develops content-rich mobile application and increases Company’s user base. Company employs proprietary big data analytical technologies both to process data Company gathered through Company’s mobile applications and a large amount of content that Company sources and organizes from the internet. These technologies enable Company to obtain in-depth user insights and identify market opportunities.

Company’s content-rich mobile applications focus on three categories: online literature, scenario-base content apps and casual games. As Company’s user base and business operations continue to grow in the recent years using Company’s systematic approach, Company has demonstrated Company’s monetization capability in mobile advertising. Company leverages Company’s in-depth user insights to deliver targeted, precise and engaging advertisements that are relevant to users across Company’s various mobile applications. Reinvesting part of Company’s revenues generated by mobile advertising, Company can further improve Company’s user-centric and data-driven technology, which enables Company to release more appealing products to capture mobile internet users’ ever-evolving content needs and help Company rapidly acquire new users with Company’s ever-improving user profile analysis.

Company launched CooTek Ads, an in-house developed advertising platform supported by Company’s proprietary big data capabilities serving advertising customers directly or through advertising agencies. This system allows advertisers to create and manage advertisement campaigns and budget, and to place advertisements in Company’s portfolio applications directly.