Company Profile

CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”) is a fast-growing mobile internet company. Sophisticated big data analytics and proprietary AI capabilities form the backbone of CooTek’s business.

The Company’s core product, TouchPal Smart Input, is an intelligent input method for mobile devices and generates a massive, diverse set of user interaction data. TouchPal Smart Input boasts an advanced multilingual language model that supports more than 110 languages and offers an effective and enjoyable typing experience on mobile devices. Building upon user insights accumulated through TouchPal Smart Input, CooTek has formulated a systematic approach to developing a global product portfolio, through which it delivers relevant content and grows its global user base. 

CooTek employs proprietary AI and big data analytical technologies both to process such data and a large amount of multi-language content that it sources and organizes from the internet, and to develop advanced multilingual natural language processing and semantic understanding technologies. These technologies enable it to obtain in-depth user insights and identify market opportunities, which set the foundation for developing content-rich mobile applications that deliver relevant content for different verticals such as lifestyle, healthcare and entertainment. The Company has also built a rich library of user profiles and interests that allows it to grow its user base effectively.

CooTek’s user-centric and data-driven approach has enabled it to release appealing products to capture mobile internet users' ever-evolving content needs and help it rapidly attract targeted users. For example, by leveraging its data analytics capabilities, the Company has identified an increasing number of users who are interested in fitness-related topics and content. To capture the business opportunity presented by this trend, CooTek has developed two fitness mobile applications, HiFit and ManFIT. The Company has also built a profile of target users based on its user insights. CooTek believes that this approach has allowed it to effectively grow its user base. Through HiFit and ManFIT, CooTek delivers rich content such as workout videos to its users based on their profiles and believes that potential users matching such a profile are more likely to be interested in these applications.

CooTek continues to improve its AI capabilities and, in March 2018, launched Talia, an AI-powered virtual personal assistant that understands everyday conversations and delivers relevant content to users in multiple scenarios. Talia is integrated seamlessly with its TouchPal Smart Input and automatically offers services to users in a variety of usage scenarios, such as content recommendations, web searches and weather forecasts.

CooTek has a proven and scalable monetization capability in mobile advertising. The Company leverages its in-depth user insights to deliver targeted and engaging advertisements that are relevant to users across its various mobile applications.